Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Love is SIMPLE

With all the busyness of senior year winding down I find myself making things extremely complicated, more so than they need to be. Not sure if you guys are the same, but the ever constant need to stress, to over think, and to be overwhelmed becomes normal and pours out into aspects of our life like our faith. Our capacity to understand things in their simplest form becomes nearly impossible. Specifically my intention to convey is how we live out our faith. Do we simply love, or are we conforming to our earthly need to follow a set of rules over-complicating to condemn others and recording rights and wrongs where no love is to be found?

By way of human nature we’re bound to feel the need to achieve justice when wronged or internally being judgmental to the point where our own sin feels non-existent compared to what we mentally rank as which wrongdoing is worse. “Well they wronged me so it’s worse than anything I’ve ever done,” or “they make different choices than I do and scripturally it’s wrong so I’m going to become angry and mentally condemn them because I’m morally better.” We never stop to think that we’re exactly on the same level. Personally, I’ve been battling a lot of bitterness towards people so I understand and can relate to those self-gratifying thoughts of the fact that they’re wrong and I’m right. Maybe for that situation, but guess what? I have always been and always will be wrong in different ways. My daily sins put me in full dependence on Jesus and the fact that I know this washes every rule of right and wrong and legalistic views down the drain. I realize that in that bitterness of figuring out good and evil it takes the focus off of Jesus and onto religion. This is EXACTLY why He calls us to love Him, others and leave the rest to Him. We need to SIMPLIFY.

Honestly though, who are we to sit here and judge others? This is part of why we live in such a world that’s so against Christianity. It’s ok to not support and encourage something, but what’s not ok is becoming intolerant, angry, and judgmental. Homosexuality, divorce, murder, gossip, lying, cheating, impure thoughts, they’re all the same. God has already taken that wrath and placed it on Jesus so instead of getting so worked up about matters that Jesus has in His hands, have grace and love them. How can someone possibly even desire to change if they aren’t shown the light? How can a person possibly experience who Jesus is if some of His followers are hell bent on being angry that homosexuality is becoming more normalized, divorce rates are skyrocketing or that these people aren’t following scripture word for word. I get it; it’s easy to do and to be perfectly transparent, judgmental thoughts run rampant in my mind everyday about the minutest of things. I’ve found that in all this anger, all this bitterness, and all this uproar about the way Satan works, God’s purpose for us is being lost. His love is being displaced by an over complicated set of rules that drive people away from Jesus and into the secular world they feel accepts them. Since when is it ok to make people feel like they can’t acquire that unconditional love no matter who they are or what they’ve done?

My task from this point forth is to pray that we can all become Christians who can set aside legalistic motives and put our focus back on what truly matters. Simplify the way that we love and use Scripture as a tool to strengthen our relationship with God instead of picking and choosing verses to argue with someone about why they’re one step closer to hell. I want everyone to know how dearly loved they are despite the intolerances of others. If you’ve had sex before marriage, if you’re divorced, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, if you’ve lied about someone or gossiped, if you’ve ever hurt someone emotionally and physically, if you’ve had impure thoughts or anything of the like (which all of us fall into some category), know that you are FIERCELY loved and nothing can ever change that regardless of the hard heartedness of those around you. Jesus sees you and wants to embrace you. He’s not angry and He’s not condemning you. His grace will consume you and I pray you come to see that, and for the fellow Christians out there I pray that His grace may consume us as well to clearly see His vision of love in order to soften our hearts. We all have one thing in common and that is the fact that we are all equally in need of that purely simple, all consuming love.



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