YWAM Update Numero Uno

Hey guys!

I am so deeply sorry that it has taken so long to get an update out. Life on base has been so crazy yet so fruitful, and God is working so much within all of us. He’s been revealing himself in numerous ways so I’m excited to fill you in! Life sure isn’t the same without all of you and while I wish you were here I’m having the best time with the best people. ­čÖé


You’re probably wondering what exactly keeps me so busy. I never knew the importance of ┬ánecessary alone time until coming here, but luckily the things we do have already helped me grow significantly in who Jesus is calling me and all of my team members to be.

Monday-Friday we have morning devotions at 7:45am. We’ve been reading through the Psalms each day. At 8:30 we begin our work duties for a half hour (see mom I can do chores!!;)) followed by an hour of an activity as a base (Monday’s worship, Tuesday’s workshop, and Wednesday’s praying for nations). Thursday and Friday mornings our DTS gets split up to go to local schools in the morning and provide breakfast for the kids in the communities. It’s been quite fun to dance around like an idiot making high schoolers stare at the crazy American in their school LOL. Each day after that hour we have….wait for it…DESIGNATED MORNING TEA. Come on America we need to get on that bandwagon. After morning tea during the week days our time is filled for 2 and a half hours of lecture time. This is the time where I feel most challenged in the most positive way because the last couple weeks we’ve been learning about hearing God’s voice and fearing God. Meditating on the scriptures regarding these topics has been increasingly rewarding and I can feel what Jesus is leading me towards. I’ll be posting quotes here and there to fill you in on the topics! Following lectures is lunch time and then our ministry placement! Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we work for 2 and a half hours around the base serving and doing other odd jobs to keep our base in tip top shape and running cohesively. Wednesday’s during this time we evangelize at Mount Druitt mall center, a very hard part of town where fights have broken out, people walk around drunk, and just in general the broken use this place to gather. Here we give out food and just talk to people and listen to their stories. Also, on Wednesday’s we fast because we feel that it’s important to cultivate a sense of our flesh dying to become nourished by the Lord. This by far is so challenging and I find myself deepening my faith in this process. To feel hunger for 12 hours is one thing but to be surrounded by people who often feel this way for days, allows me to see others through the eyes of Christ. It has been such a blessing and a privilege to walk with them. In the evenings, we have dinner followed by small group but usually we have late evenings free. Saturday’s are free but because of the closeness of our little DTS we’ve become a family and spend pretty much every waking moment together (and I don’t even want to kill them yet!!;)) Sunday’s we have church and then the rest of the day is filled with homework or other things we didn’t have time for earlier in the week. So that’s been my life for the past two weeks until outreach!:)


As most of you know I made the announcement that we are going to India, Zimbabwe, and South Africa for outreach. WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW FLIPPING EXCITED I AM. We will mainly be working with orphans which is my dream because of my heavy desire to be a wife and mom, caring for children. What I find funny is that I’ve been praying about these locations for the past year and the fact that God is sending our team here is astounding. Huge prayers for this process as I still need most of the outreach fees. By next Wednesday I need $2500 for the plane ticket and then by the time we leave I need another $3000. Thankfully that’s in Australian dollars so it’s more like $4000 instead of $5500 but it’s a hefty amount that I am confident God will provide for. I am so blessed to have those of you who have constantly supported me and are continuing to do so whether it be through prayer or finances both are incredibly important to me. If you feel led to donate email me!!:) We leave for our outreach on April 24th and before then we also get to explore and work with the indigenous peoples and be in the outback for a week as well as visiting the Blue Mountains and Byron Bay for a week!!


Ok this is a big one. While I’ve been here God’s been revealing to me His voice and showing me what he needs from my life. Earlier in the week my dear sweet Fin, Janina, prayed for me (she is the most lovely woman you will ever meet) and has the incredible ability of speaking in tongues and Jesus actually spoke through her to me! I was doubled over in a complete puddle. During her prayer she gave a vision of me as an old woman in a rocking chair in front of a fireplace with my husband across from me, surrounded by our kids and grandkids. Jesus expressed through her that He sees my desires and that they will be fulfilled in time but in repetition several times exclaimed “seek first the Kingdom of God, seek first the Kingdom of God, seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be given to you but first seek the Kingdom of God.” The prayer went on and God compared me to Cleopatra as an example and someone who will be a leader among women. Again in repetition came up “woman of God, woman of God, woman of God, what does it mean to be a woman of God? Cleopatra was a queen but still had to bow before the King of Kings” I’m not sure what the leader of women part means, I’m still praying upon that but then I was struck with Jesus telling me that HE created me to be beautiful and that beauty is a gift, my laughter is a gift (lol really Jesus?) and to utilize all the other gifts He’s given me to cultivate a servant heart so I may seek first the Kingdom of God. He assured me that He has monumental plans for my life and that He sees my desire for love, He sees the hurt in my past and He’s been beside me the whole time. Through Janina He told me to cry, and you better bet on the angels in heaven I did. I sobbed, I wretched and for the first time fully I allowed him to move in my heart. He said to come to Him with everything because HE can handle it. He bore the cross my friends and He has done that for you too. I have the fear of the Lord within me because I have gained so much awe and reverence for my heavenly daddy. These experiences and the things he’s assured me are such gifts, but I care more about the fact that the one who provided it all is worthy of GLORY. He is worthy of my time, He is worthy of my praise, and worthy of my life. I’m overwhelmingly excited to keep meeting people and learn new things and see where God takes me on this amazing journey.

Fully in surrender I accept the continued growth that He is making in me and I’m praising the blessings that all of you are in my life. Thank you for taking the time to read this and PLEASE if you would like to hear more I would love to hear from you. No matter how busy I am I’d love to hear from you or pray for you in any way that I can. Thank you thank you for helping me get here and letting God use you as vessels for his kingdom friends. I miss you all more than words can describe and I pray that God can reveal and overwhelm your hearts as much as he has mine!! XOXO

Alexa ­čÖé

PS- my address here is

280 Power St. Plumpton, NSW, 2761 Australia