Becoming a Woman of God

Friends and family!

Life update!!! I have so much to tell you, but I’m whittling it down to this….The past couple weeks I’ve been digging into what God has been saying to me and last week we had our week on relationships. God has been so faithful in assuring me of different ways to grow and be a woman of Him. To be His bride, and to live that out. It’s been a challenge but a growth I never could have imagined. Our speaker was the beautiful Tania Pieterse and as the weeks have gone on I’ve written down what I think it means to be a woman of God. It’s a beautiful thing to realize, and my hope in conveying this is as women we can be motivated to seek after Jesus regardless of our dreams that we may have and the liberation of not beating ourselves up for wondering what, when, who, why and how. It’s a process, and a process I’m still learning and nowhere near being close to, but I want to seek these things with my whole heart. So even though this is scatterbrained and grammatically most likely incorrect I feel something crucial to share. 🙂


Woman of God: What does it mean to be a woman of God?
Does God see these things in you?

-Doing what is right
-Speak the truth
-Does not slander
-Does no evil against others
-Do not be critical of others
-Honors and fears the Lord
-Keeps word even when it could be harmful to self
-Good steward of money
-Never take a bribe

Be a woman who is so focused on the Lord and her Heavenly Husband that any godly man will see that and want to know Jesus more. That instead of drawing attention to herself, she draws the attention to the goodness of God. She’s not occupied with things of the world, but every relationship is significant to her. She spends her days extending her time and efforts dying to self and being gentle with everyone. She follows the 10 commandments:
No other gods (this includes people!!)
Will not create an idol
Do not use the Lord’s name in vain
Remember the Sabbath and to spend time with God
Honor father and mother
Do not murder
Do not commit adultery
Do not steal
Do not gossip or tell lies about others
Do not covet over what others have, be content!!

Be a woman who treats EVERYONE younger as brothers and sisters and EVERYONE older as mothers and fathers. Honor and respect everyone. Do not treat a brother in Christ in a way I wouldn’t treat my own brother. Focus on the heavenly and put down all rights and desires. Keep thoughts on what God wants for my life. Be a woman that guards her heart and is saving herself wholly for marriage. Be a woman who guards her heart, her thoughts, her speech, and the way she acts around men because she doesn’t need them to feel satisfied. Everything in the past was a result of physically filling a spiritual need that led to a brokenness and a tie that God never intended. Be a woman who turns from those ways and lays down her desires by fighting the enemy and her own selfish thoughts to be wholly committed to Jesus.


I am captivated by you and I want to be a woman who only sees you. You are my one true love and the only one that I could ever need or want. I lay down marriage and family and ideas of seeing myself with someone because you make everything beautiful in its time and you know who I need. Please God with my whole heart and soul please don’t let me entertain my thoughts with fantasies of the future or what it could hold or how it could play out. Your plan for my life is so much more beautiful, it’s useless to waste my thought space on what I think could be good, because you have what’s best. Because of you I will never settle because you are my standard. You are the one that I want and I’m tired of fearing missing out just because I’m having a lack of trust in you. I have no reason to not trust you you have always provided me with what I need always and for the rest of eternity. You are my father in heaven and I will repeat this to myself for as long as I live as a constant reminder of where my worth is placed. As I enter into whatever setting you put before me, I pray that I am reminded that I am a woman of God who will first and foremost bow before her king of kings.

PS- here are a few snaps of some of my recent adventures with some of my favorite people!

Lots of love and I miss you all,

Xoxo Alexa❤️