Altogether Lovely

My one month back in Australia is already fast approaching!!! I figured it was about time to do a blog post, as I will be trying to be more consistent than I was on DTS (no promises lol). For all those who have been supporting me financially and through prayer, I feel it is most appropriate to express my gratitude first and foremost, for if it weren’t for God working through all of you I wouldn’t be sitting in my dorm, on my bunk in Australia, feeling dreamy and in love with what God is doing here.

With it being almost Christmas time, people have asked me, “aren’t you going to miss home for the holidays?” And my response is always yes and no… Yes because of course I wish I could share it with all my friends, family, church, and community at home, yet no, because of my contentedness with being here. Every morning I wake up with a new zeal and a childlike faith that is so new and refreshing. Though I work long hours, almost everyday of the week, it is with great joy that they are done. Monday-Friday I work as staff on base in the registrar office 8:30am-5:30pm. This job allows me to be one of the first people that incoming students and staff get to talk to and to be able to know them each by name, pray for them, and see how their journey is coming along into coming here fills my heart with such expectancy for each and every one of them. One day a week usually a Saturday, or a Sunday or maybe even during the week I also work part time at a South African restaurant (and for all you in Australia come to All Out Africa, it’s amazing!!). The ability to work in such a positive environment where everyone is so loving is not something you see everyday, especially in the restaurant business. Though in the three shifts I’ve worked thus far I feel at home, and the blessing of having another paying job has its perks as well!! Not only that, but continuing my Arbonne business in Australia has seen new doors open into where I believe God is really going to open doors for ministry that will extend past my season here at YWAM.

With the amount going on, normally I would be stressed to the max, but everyday I have this utter joy that I save up and hold onto for the days when it may get a little rough. That’s life! But one thing God has been speaking into my life over the duration of my almost month here, that actually gave itself a name today in prayer was loveliness. The past month here has been not only full, but fruitful in what seems like what it should be is tough transition of moving to a foreign country. How lovely is it that God has seen my dream through and as I sit in bed there is no place I’d rather be? How lovely is it that God has placed people into my life here that have deeply and profoundly impacted my life and to think that most of my life they were halfway across the world? How lovely is it that my heart, my home, and my God are in unison and that the zeal and love I have for my Jesus is ever so strong? The more I grow, the more excited I get to see how the next 2 years and beyond here hold in this most beautiful country. How I wish everyone to feel the tenderest sense of love and compassion that our Jesus has for us, that when we walk with Him and that when He’s all we desire, everything is altogether more lovely.

So thank you, thank you, thank you again to my family, my friends, Grace Community Church, and everyone else that has been cheering me on, supporting me, and walking with me. It brings me great honor to take your blessings and multiply them with others.

Until next time,